Chrome Sciolari Chandelier

Chandelier Restoration

Chandelier repairs and restoration. Murano chandeliers, crystal, basket and brass/bronze/ormolu chandeliers. Ceiling / Pendant lights repaired; vintage or modern. Lamps lanterns wall lights Exterior coach lanterns, table lamps repaired. Tiffany, Art Deco, antique lighting restored / rewired and brought to present day electrical standards. Industrial lighting pendants. Anglepoise and Scissor lighting. Period industrial lighting rewired.

5 Arm Wooden Chandelier

5 Arm Carved Wood Chandelier

Rewire, replace lamp holders, replace candle sleeves, repairs to broken arms. For a customer in North Yorkshire

Carlo Moretti Chandelier

Murano - Carlo Moretti

Replace broken dish for a customer in Sheffield

8 Arm Silver Chandelier

8-Arm Silver Chandelier

Completely restored for a customer in Nottinghamshire

Guiness Lamp

Early 1970's Guiness Lamp

Table lamp rewiring and repairs. Rewire and replace lamp holder, repair to shade. For a customer in Leeds

Fase Lamp

Rewired, replace lamp holders. For a customer in Cheshire


Please contact us.

6-Arm Brass Chandelier

Clean back brass work (no polishing) rewire, replace lamp holders and sleeves. For a customer in Manchester

Large Cherub Floor Lamp

5ft tall bronze cherub floor lamp. Rewire, replace glass torche, replace the gallery and lamp holder, fit inline switch. For Grantley Hall, North Yorks

Repairs Gallery

Restoring Antique Lighting

  • Murano 8 Arm Chandelier. Murano  Chandelier repairs/ reiwiring by SJE

    Murano 8-Arm Chandelier

    We specialise in the restoration of period vintage light fittings and conversion of foreign lighting to UK standards. US, Italian and French chandeliers and table lamps converted for use in the UK.

    Restoration/Repairs- Please contact us.

  • 12 Arm Brass and Crystal Chandelier

    Chandelier Restoration

    Chandeliers, lamps, lanterns or wall lights rewired cleaned and crystals repinned if necessary. All items are electrically tested to present day standards and are certified. We cannot carry out work on any chandelier / lamp without testing, even if you were only looking for a clean or simple repair.

  • Italian 16 Arm Bronze and Crystal Chandelier. Chandeliers and lamps rewired by SJE

    Italian 16-Arm Bronze/Crystal Chandelier

    Many of our customers have bought antique or vintage lighting from antique shops or online auction sites and many times they are unsafe to use, even though sellers often say 'working ok'. Always have them checked out by a local electrician before using, don't trust a PAT label without certification which should give the tester's name, company, address, date of test and test results. Pay particular attention if bought abroad, where safety standards can be well below that of the UK.

    Restoration/Repairs- Please contact us.

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