About SJE Vintage Lighting

Steve Ellis of SJE Lighting has been repairing light fitments since the early
1980's. SJE Electrical (now SJE Vintage Lighting) was established in the
mid 1990's carrying out repairs and restoration of various forms of
lighting, from large 60 lamp chandeliers to simple vintage table lamps.
We will undertake most jobs large or small. Over the years we have
carried out work for museums, stately homes, large country houses, The
MOD, hotels and churches. However, most of our work is carried out for
private customers not only for rare valuable items but sometimes
relatively modern but cherished items. As qualified electricians we realise
the importance of electrical safety as such all products we restore are
given either a
PAT Test (for portable items (any item with a plug head fitted) A
similar test is carried out for none portable items, in either case,
certification and test results will be given.

We occasionally have vintage lighting  for sale